Liveaboards Are The Ultimate Way To Dive Eat Sleep Repeat

What is liveaboard diving?

Some divers say you haven’t had a proper scuba diving holiday until you have tried a liveaboard trip. A liveaboard is simply a boat or ship that you stay on that has recreational scuba diving facilities allowing you to dive. The length of liveaboard trips vary, but can be as short as a couple of days to over two weeks. Liveaboards around the world come in all shapes an sizes. From fancy Gin palaces to old fashion Cutters there is a large a range of boats available to suit every taste and budget.

The popularity of liveaboards scuba diving holidays has grown dramatically and they are now established in many countries throughout the world. Liveaboards are particularly prevalent in the Caribbean, Red Sea, Asia and the Pacific. The main attraction of a liveaboard is they allow you to dive some of the best dive sites on earth. However their are numerous other advantages to liveaboard holidays and the ten reasons below may convince you to consider booking one for your next dive trip.

The Jaya Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

The Jaya Liveaboard in Raja Ampat

1) You can dive remote dive sites

The major selling point of liveaboard diving holidays is they allow you to dive the most remote dive sites all around the world. A liveaboard is the only way to explore these sites which would ordinarily be inaccessible from land-based operators. This gives you the chance to dive some of the most untouched pristine dive sites in the world, often with the added bonus of sometimes being the only divers there.

Some liveaboards have small Zodiacs or RIBs (rigid inflatable boat) which they launch from the main mother ship. This allows you to start you dive in the perfect location. At the end of the dive, your guide will send up an SMB (surface marker buoy) and the Zodiac will come pick you up.

2) Less stress as everything is organised for you

A lot of planning usually goes into most vacations, from organizing your accommodation, choosing where to eat each day and finding a good dive operator. There is a lot to think about. With liveaboards all the stress is taken care for you. The crew will organise the itinerary and perform all the logistics for you so all you have to do is turn up.

The equipment area of the Jaya liveaboard in Raja Ampat

Everything set up ready to go for the next dive

3) Cost effective

Diving is not the cheapest hobby there is out there and can often be a large part of your vacation budget. Liveaboards offer one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy a diving filled vacation. The listed prices of liveaboards include all your dives and equipment rental, meals and sometimes alcoholic beverages as well as your accommodation.

4) More dives per day / lot of dives in one trip

One of the main reasons many divers love liveaboards is the fact they offer more dive dives per day compared to land based dive operators. Liveaboards commonly offer between 4 and 5 dives per day. Typically a first dive is scheduled for early morning, followed by another before lunch, two more in the afternoon and sometimes a night dive. During a week long liveaboard you can easily rack up over 20 dives. Liveaboards are well oiled at the dive eat sleep repeat routine.

If this sounds like too many dives to handle don’t worry. You are under no obligation to do every dive, you can simply choose which dives you would like to participate in. If you want a lie in or early night or simply want to spend an afternoon sunbathing then it is perfectly fine to do so. Bear in mind that no refunds are given for missed dives.

Preparing for a dive from a liveaboard

Preparing for a dive from a liveaboard in Australia

5) Meet like-minded people / socialize

Liveaboard holidays are great way to socialize and give you the chance to meet like minded people that love diving just as much as you do. In between dives there are plenty of opportunities to socialize and exchange stories with other divers. Commonly in the evenings divers will share photos and have a few decompression beers together.

6) Unpack and pack only once

We all know how time consuming it is when you have to pack and unpack your dive gear. Trying to get it dry before travelling to a new location or can be a major headache. The good news is with liveaboards you can travel around a vast area and visit new dive sites without having to pack up all your equipment and belongings every couple of days.

7) Dive gear is ready to go

As much as we all love diving, one of the most time-consuming parts is usually gathering and setting up your equipment then having to carry it to a dive boat or shore side before a dive. However, on a liveaboard your equipment will be sitting ready for you before each dive. Most liveaboards will change or refill your tank for you between dives. All you need to do is put it on before your die and do your buddy checks!

Scuba equipment on a liveaboard in Australia

Scuba equipment ready to go for the next dive

8) Surface intervals are more pleasant as you return to the main boat

Surface intervals aren’t always the most pleasant part of most dive trips. Often small dive boats can be crammed leaving you not much room to dry off and relax. On most liveaboards you enjoy the majority of your surface intervals back on the main vessel, with plenty of space, tasty snacks and the chance to dry off and warm up properly.

9) You also get the chance to explore on land

Although most of your time will be spent scuba diving exploring the amazing underwater world, you have the additional bonus of exploring some incredible above water destinations too. Many liveaboards offer the chance for you to visit a large variety of untouched beauty spots that you wouldn’t normally be able to access.

10) Less time spent travelling to dive sites

On a liveaboard, most of the transits between dives sites happen while you are sleeping or during your relaxation or meal times. By the time you are ready to dive again, you are already at your next dive site. This means that no time is wasted on your holiday travelling to and from dive sites or back to your accommodation. Not only that each day you can wake up at new amazing dive site, ready to explore.

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How to book a liveaboard diving holiday

Hopefully you are now excited about the thought of a liveaboard holiday, but how do you go about booking one? Fortunately we have access to special offer liveaboard deals from which you can view here. is one of the largest liveaboard agencies on the web and has access to a huge range of diving holidays all around the world.