Diving In Vanuatu

Dramatic reefscapes and incredible relics from WWII can be found in Vanuatu

Overview of diving in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island nation comprising of 83 islands situated in the Pacific ocean to the east of Australia. It’s large coastline and exposure to World War II has resulted in Vanuatu being home to a wealth of top dive sites. Historic wrecks, beautiful coral reefs and great visibility sum up diving in Vanuatu.

The islands of Vanuatu are typically surrounded by fringing coral reefs, while walls and pinnacles lie farther from shore. Sandy muck-bottomed bays that hide invertebrates can be dived for those who love scouring the seabed. Vanuatu is also known as one of the best locations in the world to dive with dugongs.

Espiritu Santo and Efate are the islands most frequented by divers. The huge President Coolidge wreck on Espiritu Santo attracts numerous divers every years. Efate has many historic ship wrecks of it’s own and it’s dramatic reefscapes are full of life. With so many islands to explore, Vanuatu has huge diving potential.

Best dive sites in Vanuatu

  • SS President Coolidge wreck, Espiritu Santo
    One of the best wreck dives in the world this 200m long ocean liner rests less than 100m from the shore. The sheer size of the wreck is mind blowing and dozens of dives are needed to explore it fully.

  • Million Dollar Point, Espiritu Santo
    An underwater scrapyard of discarded equipment from WWII. Jeeps, trucks, JCBs and wrecks litter the seabed at this dive site.

  • Hideaway Island, Port Vila
    A marine reserve filled with fantastic coral structures full of marine life. The only place in the world with an underwater post office.

  • Moso Drift, Moso Island
    A fantastic drift dive with an abundance of marine life. Lucky divers can see sharks, grey whalers and eagle rays.

  • Katiua Rocks, Tanna
    An island that is increasing in dive popularity, it’s untouched dive sites are home to an abundance of marine life.

Dive reports from Vanuatu

Dive site reports and useful information from our scuba diving and freediving trip to Vanuatu.

Diving In Efate

The most accessible island in Vanuatu, Efate has are range of great dive sites. Around the capital Port Vila are large coral covered pinnacles, wall dives and numerous wrecks. Hideaway Island Marine Reserve has numerous fantastic coral reef dives.

How to get to Vanuatu

Flights from Australia take approximately three hours to Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila on Efate island (Bauerfield airport). It is also possible to fly from neighboring countries such as the Solomon Islands or Fiji. International flights are also available but less frequent to Pekoa Airport on Espiritu Santo and Whitegrass Airport on Tanna Island. Internal flights are need from Port Vila to get to Vanuatu’s best dive sites.

  • Capital International Airport Bauerfield International Airport (VLI)

Best time to dive in Vanuatu

The months of June through to October are the dryest months in Vanuatu when visibility is likely to be the best. Seawater temperatures around Vanuatu can range between 26°C to 29°C. It is possible to dive in a rash vests or 3mm wetsuits are recommend for those who get cold easily.

  • Water Temperature 26° to 29°C

  • Visibility 10m to 30m+

Useful information when travelling to Vanuatu

  • Time Zone UTC + 11 hours

  • Currency Vatu (VUV)

  • Electricity 230 V

  • Plug Socket C, G, I

  • Language Bislama, English and French

  • Calling Code +678

Our dive trip to Vanuatu

We visited Vanuatu for a week in 2017 with the aim of diving the SS President Coolidge wreck on Espiritu Santo. First we stayed for three days on Hideaway Island near Port Vila, which has some fantastic reef dives. Pinnacles covered with mountain corals characterize the dive sites. The water depth around the island drops of quickly and we were able to freedive at a small wreck not far from the island.

Hideaway Island in Vanuatu

Hideaway Island in Vanuatu

The second part of our trip was spent on the island of Espiritu Santo. Here we freedived at the Million Dollar Point dive site, the SS President Coolidge wreck and the Nanda Blue hole. These dive sites are incredible. The SS President Coolidge wreck is huge and the best wreck dive in Vanuatu. Million Dollar point is a unique dive site, essentially being an underwater scrapyard, while the Blue Hole makes for a nice chilled afternoon dive.

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