Diving The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands – Full Of Historic WWII Wrecks

Overview of diving in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are home to some of the most undisturbed and uncrowded diving in the world. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of diving in the Solomon Islands is wrecks, and lots of them. The waters here were a major battle grounds during WWII between the Americans and Japanese. To the north of Guadalcanal is a body of water is known as Iron Bottom Sound due to number of ships and planes sunk here.

Bonegi beach on the island of Guadalcanal

Although just a short journey from Australia, tourism on the Solomon Islands has not taken off in the same way as it has on other Pacific Islands. This makes for some pristine diving, with some fabulous coral formations and exciting WWII wrecks to explore.

Flying into the capital of Honiara on Guadalcanal island, there is enough diving here and on the nearby Tulagi island to keep you busy. Some choose to join liveaboards, or fly on to remote islands such as Munda, and South Marovo Lagoon.

  • Top Dive Sites / Locations

  • WWII wrecks on Guadalcanal

  • Twin Tunnels, Tulagi

  • Munda Island

  • Leru Cut

Our dive trip to the Solomon Islands

We visited the Solomon Islands in 2017 for nine days. Originally we wanted to visit for two weeks and visit some of the more remote islands, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time.

The main purpose of our the trip was to freedive the wrecks located on the north coast of Guadalcanal. This included three Imperial Japanese Navy cargo ships, a Japanese submarine and an American B17 Bomber. These wrecks are literally on the beach in some cases, and the seabed drops off quite quickly, making them perfect for freediving.

We also managed to do a day trip to Tulagi to dive the twin tunnels dive sites. This was one of the coolest dive sites we have ever been to. Two extinct lava tubes through a seamount that rises up from the seafloor. When you emerge, reef sharks can be seen crusing by in the blue, an amazing experience.

You can read more about the dive sites we visited in the posts below.

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