Diving In Europe

Europe – Temperate Diving In The North And Warm Water Diving In The South

Our dive trips to Europe

Europe has a wide variety of diving. The freezing waters of countries in the northern latitudes is a significant contrast to the more moderate temperatures of the Mediterranean countries.

The majority of our diving in Europe has been in the Mediterranean. Although the Mediterranean boasts good visibility, it lacks marine life due to years of overfishing. There are still some areas rich in marine life though, however these are becoming scarcer. One thing the Mediterranean offers is great wreck diving. Countries such as Malta, Greece and Cyprus boast a large numer of wrecks. Diving in the Mediterranean is particularly great for beginner divers due to temperate water temperatures, good visibility and low current.

  • Top Dive Sites / Locations

  • Silfra, Iceland

  • Malta

  • Scapa Flow, Scotland

  • Cyprus

  • The Azores

The Atlantic part of Europe is much richer in marine life compared to the Mediterranean. Islands such as the Canary Islands and Azores offer the chance to dive with large pelagic species Overall European diving has a lot to offer, and we share our experience from the few places we have managed to visit on the following pages.

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