Diving In The Caribbean

Caribbean – Excellent Warm Water Diving On Coral Reefs

Overview of diving the Caribbean

The Caribbean is perhaps the first place that would jump into your head when thinking of the perfect diving holiday. Exquisite coral reefs full of life, white sandy beaches to relax on and warm water makes the Caribbean an extremely popular diving destination.

With hundreds of islands and dozen of countries to chose from, it can be a tough decision where to dive. Wrecks, coral reefs, sheer walls and towering pinnacles are the norm. You can dive from shore, from dive boats or do a trip on a liveaboard.

  • Top Dive Sites / Locations

  • Bahamas

  • Cayman Islands

  • Cuba

  • Trinidad & Tobago

To date we have only be able to visit the Caribbean briefly to dive in Trinidad and Tobago. Due to work circumstances, Adam was able to stay for a few days on Tobago and dive some of the local dive sites. You can find out more in the post below.

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