Diving In Malaysia

Malaysia – Fabulous Biodiversity In The Coral Triangle

Overview of diving in Malaysia

Malaysia has some incredible diving, with islands such as Sipadan being ranked as one of the top dive locations in the world. From encounters with big pelagic species, to healthy coral reefs dives and lots of muck diving opportunities, Malaysia has something that every diver will enjoy.

Sunset in Malaysia after a days diving

Sunset in Malaysia after a days diving

Malaysia is split into two main regions, the Sabah province on Borneo and the Malaysian Peninsular south of Thailand.

The Malaysian Peninsular has many beautiful islands just off the main landmass. Islands such as the Perhentians Islands, Redang Island, Tioman Island and Langkawi Island are popular tourist destinations. These islands are known for their white sandy beaches, thriving coral reefs and green tropical jungles.

Meanwhile Borneo Malaysia has some islands known for their incredible diving just off it’s coastline. Sipadan and Layang Layang are some of the best places in the world to encounter big fish species, while islands such as Mabul and Kapalai have great muck diving.

  • Top Dive Sites / Locations

  • Sipadan Island

  • Layang Layang

  • Perhentian Islands

  • Kota Kinabalu

  • Mabul Island

Our dive trip to Malaysia

In November 2019 we were able to visit Mabul Island for ten days. This enabled us to dive at Sipadan on four days and do four days diving around Mabul and Kapali Islands. You can find out more information in the posts below.

Diving In Sipadan

Sipadan is nothing short of a divers paradise. A huge diversity and abundance of marine life can be found in the waters around this tiny island. Massive schools of jackfish and barracuda hang out at the world famous Barracuda Point, while reef sharks and turtles are common sightings on every dive.

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