Diving In Asia

Asia – Home Of The Coral Triangle

Overview of diving in Asia

When people think of diving in Asia they think of the coral triangle. Coral reefs bustling with fish and coral in warm tropical water comes to mind, however there are many types of diving in Asia. Muck diving where by divers search from macro sized creatures in sandy and pebbly dive sites is popular in Asia due to the huge diversity of species hidden right before your eyes. There are bays full of wrecks from a more violent era and locations where you can spot large pelagic species.

  • Top Dive Sites / Locations

  • Raja Ampat and Komodo in Indonesia

  • Sipadan in Malaysia

  • Coron and Apo Island in the Phillipines

Our dive trips to Asia

So far we have been fortunate enough to dive in Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia (coming soon). Asia offers superb diving at reasonable prices and is our favorite part of the world to dive. The dive sites we list on the following pages are those which we have managed to visit ourselves so far, although there is plenty more to explore!

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