Diving In The Seychelles

Seychelles – Large Granite Boulders Covered In Coral

Overview of diving the Seychelles

Tropical palm trees and expansive sandy beaches littered with grey granite boulders characterize the beautiful Seychelles. 115 islands make up the country of Seychelles, meaning there are endless diving possibilities.

The three inner islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue is where the majority tourists visit and the central hub for scuba diving. The outer islands are more difficult to get to and therefore less frequently dived, but those who make the trip will be greatly rewarded.

Seychelles capital of Victoria is located on the island Mahé. Mahé is a small, mountainous island covered in dense rainforest. It’s quite a contrast to other popular diving destinations in the Indian Ocean, such as the Maldives which are relatively flat.

The Seychelles has many beautiful beaches

The Seychelles has many beautiful beaches

The warm waters of the Seychelles are full of life, from tropical coral reefs brimming with fish, to sharks, dolphins and turtles. Around the inner islands you will encounter species such as reef sharks, stingrays, eels and octopus and common coral reef fish on your dives. There are also a couple of small wrecks to explore.

Venturing to the outer islands it is possible to have encounters with pelagic species such as sailfish, manta rays and many species of shark, including the mighty whale shark!

Best dive sites in the Seychelles

  • Shark Bank, Mahé
    One of the best dive sites in the Seychelles, large granite boulders provide shelter for reef sharks and marbled stingrays. Huge schools of yellow snappers can form, while the occasional whale shark can pass through for lucky divers.

  • Baie Ternay Marine Park, Mahé
    A sheltered bay on the north east of Mahé with a range of dive sites filled with beautiful corals and marine life. Turtles and stingrays are often spotted while reef sharks can be found sheltering under the overhangs.

  • L’ilot, Mahé
    This small island of the north coast of Mahé attracts a variety of marine life. The granite boulders are covered in soft coral and sponges while eagle rays cruise by in the blue.

  • North Island
    North Island has a range of pinnacle dive sites covered in coral rising up from the sandy seabed. Encounters with reef sharks, nurse sharks and stingrays make it popular with local divers.

  • One Tree Island
    A large variety of marine from hump-head parrotfish to moray eels and stingrays to many smaller species of reef fish can be found at this fantastic dive site.

Dive reports from the Seychelles

Dive site reports and useful information from our scuba diving and freediving trip to the Seychelles.

Diving In Mahe

Mahé has some excellent dive sites, including the famous Shark Bank, L'ilot and several small wrecks. Coral reefs growing on granite boulders characterize Mahé diving. A wide abundance of fish species can be found such as sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, while there is always the chance of something big swimming by in the blue.

How to get to The Seychelles

Seychelles has only one international (Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) which is located on Mahé Island. It has regular international flights to several countries in Europe including the UK, France, Germany and Turkey. There are also regular flights from the Middle East as well as several from South Africa.

  • Capital City International Airport Seychelles International Airport (SEZ).

Best time to dive Seychelles

With warm water between 26ºC and 30ºC, the Seychelles is great for diving all year round. Air temperatures are similar, while between October and April the warm northwest monsoon arrives bringing rain but warmer temperatures.

The best time to see whale sharks in the Seychelles is the months of September and October, while during May through to December manta ray sightings are possible.

  • Water Temperature 26° to 30°C

  • Visibility 10m to 30m

Useful information when travelling to the Seychelles

  • Time Zone UTC + 4 hours

  • Currency Seychellois rupee (SCR)

  • Electricity 240 V

  • Plug Socket G

  • Language Seychellois Creole, English and French

  • Calling Code +428

Our dive trip to the Seychelles

We visited the Seychelles in February 2020 and stayed on Mahé island for a week diving almost every day. Mahé is one of the most popular islands for diving in the Seychelles and has a number of dive centers to choose from. We dived with Big Blue and visited some great dive sites filled with coral and life. Turtles, sharks, eagle rays and stingrays were spotted on several dives. Mahé also has a number of small wrecks which have turned into artificial reefs and attract big schools of yellow snappers. You can find out more about the dive sites around Mahé island in our dive report.

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