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Diving In Sipadan

Sipadan is nothing short of a divers paradise. A huge diversity and abundance of marine life can be found in the waters around this tiny island. Massive schools of jackfish and barracuda hang out at the world famous Barracuda Point, while reef sharks and turtles are common sightings on every dive.

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15 Wrecks To Freedive From Shore

Being able to freedive down to a wreck and explore it is a great feeling and will certainly impress your non diving friends. Wrecks are not always the most accessible dive sites, with many requiring a boat to get to. There are however some wrecks located mere meters from the shore which are easily accessible to freedivers. Shore diving has the advantage of being able to rock up and dive when you want and for as long as you want. This article lists 15 wrecks that we ourselves have freedived or dived (in some cases both) which can be accessed from shore and are suitable for freediving.

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Diving In Mahe

Mahé has some excellent dive sites, including the famous Shark Bank, L'ilot and several small wrecks. Coral reefs growing on granite boulders characterize Mahé diving. A wide abundance of fish species can be found such as sharks, stingrays, eagle rays, while there is always the chance of something big swimming by in the blue.

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10 Incredible Wrecks To Scuba Dive In 2020

Wrecks are eerie, mysterious and fascinating and being able to explore them is one of the best aspects of scuba diving. A great wreck to dive normally has at least one of the following features (if not all of them). Size, history, marine life and visibility. Huge wrecks with a significant historical background, abundant and diverse marine life in crystal clear water make the most memorable wreck dives. In this article we list ten incredible wrecks to dive in 2020.

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How To Choose A BCD

A buoyancy control device (BCD) is an essential piece of equipment for scuba diving. They allow us to control our buoyancy in order to become neutrally buoyant in the water (not sinking and not floating up). This is an essential skill in scuba diving, not only from a safety perspective but also from an enjoyment point of view. The better you are at controlling your buoyancy, the less you will fin, resulting in you being more relaxed and consuming less air. It will also most likely improve you interactions underwater, as fish are easily scared by divers fining a lot. This article will look at the features that will help you to determine if a BCD is right for you.

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Diving Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow on the island of Orkney is a place of paramount naval significance. Over 150 wrecks rest beneath the surface, many of which are warships from World War 1 and 2. They include the seven German High Sea Fleet ships surrendered at the end of WWI, as well as the war graves of the British battleships HMS Royal Oak and HMS Vanguard. There are very few places in the world where so many wrecks of incredible historic significance that can be accessed so easily.

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